We’ve compiled the best resources available to help on your wholesaling journey. Here you’ll find everything you need to close your first deal!

Start with the Basics

Are you completely new to wholesaling? Get started on the right foot by learning the foundations of the real estate wholesaling industry. These resources will help explain the process from beginning to end.

What is wholesaling?

In this article we explain the fundamentals of wholesaling, what it is, who can do it, and why we think it’s a great way for anyone to achieve financial independence

Hamza’s Free Mini-Course

In this video tutorial Our CEO, Hamza Ibrahim, provides you with a comprehensive view of getting started with creating your wholesaling business

Resources we Recommend

These are the tools of the trade. From our own free-to-use contracts and paperwork that you can tailor to your own needs, to coach-recommended online resources that represent the best tools available for newbies and pros alike.

All the Paperwork You Need

Need some paperwork? We’ve got you. In this drive you’ll find everything from contracts and scripts, to repair guides. All free of charge.

Investor Friendly Title Companies and Attorneys

Looking for a free list of title companies and attorneys who work with real estate investors? Look no further. This website gives you the contacts you need based on the location where you’re doing business.


This tool from Housefoliosl analyzes property values in a matter of seconds. It also provides phone numbers to any address, and provides you the data you need to pursue or reject a deal.


This tool lets you download a list of up to 5,000 leads per day! Give it the criteria, it gives you the leads. Add to that deal analyzer capabilities and a built-in CRM (not to mention a whole lot more) and you got every wholesalers’ dream.


This all-in-one text blasting platform was built with the real estate professional in mind. Featuring analytics, premium skip tracing and more.


With mobile maps and real-time routes you can use this driving for dollars software to find low cost leads with a huge return on investment. You can even recruit and manage drivers!


Get comprehensive data for every step of your real-estate investment strategy. Find leads using up to 120 different filters for the ultimate return on investment.

REI Blackbook

Closing a deal is all about your follow-up game. The REI Blackbook shows you three proven campaigns for effective follow-through that helps you land the deal!

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4 Reasons to Join the Wholesaling Academy

If REI University gives you everything you need to get started with wholesaling for free, why do I need to invest in a program like the Wholesaling Academy?

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What is Wholesaling?

You come across someone who has very obviously achieved financial freedom. This person’s in real estate.

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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. These are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about Wholesaling and the Wholesaling Academy

What is Wholesaling?
Simply put, Real Estate Wholesaling is the process of finding a distressed property, coming to an agreement with the property owner to purchase the property for less than its total value, then assigning that agreement to a cash buyer for a fee. Check out this article to learn more: What is Wholesaling?
How do I join the Wholesaling Academy?
Book a call with our team. They’ll talk to you about your goals, explain the benefits of the program, and walk you through pricing options.
How much does the Wholesaling Academy cost?
Depending on your needs we have a few different pricing options available. When you schedule a call with a member of our team, we can help guide you in the right direction.
Can I wholesale without joining the Academy?
Anyone can wholesale with the free resources we provide. That said, our wholesaling academy is designed to help you close your first deal faster and help you create a business that will thrive. For more information, be sure to check out this article: 4 Reasons to Join the Wholesaling Academy.
If I’ve recently purchased one of your self-paced courses can I get a discount for the Wholesaling Academy?
If you’ve purchased a self-paced course in the last 30 days, you can receive a credit equal to the cost of the self-paced course to be put towards the cost of the Wholesaling Academy. Be sure to mention this prior to purchase so your discount can be applied.
Is REI University accredited?
REI University is an educational resource with programs designed by successful wholesaling business owners to help you close deals faster and create your own wholesaling business. We are not an accredited university.
Can you wholesale from any state or country?
Yes, you can wholesale in any state or country you live in. You can also wholesale virtually in the states from anywhere, even if you don't live there.
How do taxes work with wholesaling?
Due to legal reasons we cannot provide tax advice. We do recommend speaking with a CPA for guidance.
Do I need an LLC to wholesale?
You do not need an LLC to start wholesaling, but in our opinion it’s a good idea to eventually create one. That said, we recommend speaking with an attorney for legal advice.
Do I need capital, credit or a college degree to get started with wholesaling?
No. Anyone over the age of eighteen years can wholesale real estate.