The Wholesaling Fundamentals

A series of educational videos meant to lay the groundwork for beginning to build your wholesaling business


About our course

This course was designed by our team to provide you with the building blocks for getting started with your wholesaling endeavor.

Comprised of nine videos covering a variety of topics, including everything from how to find deals to how to fill out a purchase agreement, you’ll find everything you need to get started.


Video Course
Video Course
Bite-sized videos for easy viewing in your own time.
9 Units
9 Units
Covering all the topics you need to get started with wholesaling


Learn from those who have been there, built their own wholesaling businesses, and love helping others to achieve financial freedom
Nathan Lombardi
Hamza Ibrahim

Course Overview

Our course covers a variety of subjects composing a step-by-step guide for the beginning wholesaler.

1Wholesaling Real Estate Process

A high level overview of the wholesaling process

2How to Find Your First Deal

Learn how to find leads

3How to Quickly Select a Market

You can wholesale virtually from anywhere. Learn how to find the right market

4How to Generate Leads

There’s multiple ways to generate leads and we explain those options in depth

5SMS Marketing

Learn how SMS marketing to lead to an increase in leads

6How to Talk to Sellers

Master the art of the seller conversation

7How to Talk to Buyers

You have a house under contract and now you need to sell. This unit shows you how to talk to a buyer

8How to Fill Out a Purchase Agreement

Learn the ins-and-out of how to close the deal and get paid

9How to turn $600 into $10,000

Wholesaling has a huge ROI. Learn how to take a minimum investment and turn it into huge profits

What our clients say about us

“I wouldn't have been able to do it without the Wholesaling Academy!“
“In two months I was making money. In three months I had six contracts. I love it. Life is great!“
"About a month after I became active in the Wholesaling Academy I closed my first deal."